As young kids we dreamed of playing sport at the highest level. For most of us it has remained a dream. For those lucky few, that dream becomes reality. Lucky not because it is easy, nobody doubts the time and effort that goes into forging a successful career as a professional athlete, but because these people are fulfilling a dream and doing something most of us wish we could.

As I, and I can only assume many others, grew older I realised I was never going to really make it. My next option was to pursue a career that would allow me to maintain some involvement in sport. Physiotherapy was one route that immediately appealed. Well, until I learned I would have to study Physics and Chemistry. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how they are really related…….

Now I live in Canberra (Australia), and like most people here, work in the public service. I spend my spare time following sport from afar. How anybody can live without Foxtel is well and truly beyond me. Why am I starting a blog? Mainly because my wife is sick of reading and listening to my sport related ramblings and thought someone else out there might be more interested. She thanks her lucky stars that so much sport is on during those hours when most normal people (like herself) are asleep.

So what can you expect? I won’t commit to an article a day. Or that every article will be more than one page long. Nor that you will even enjoy what I write. Though I hope you do. I’ll post on a variety of sports. I’ll post regularly and try to make it insightful, interesting and entertaining.

  1. wowallthenamesaretaken says:

    Loving it- great blog, can’t wait to read more


  2. manwitaplan says:

    I think based in Canberra you need to escape the circus that goes on there with sport. I look forward to continuing to read your work!

    Keep it up.


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